Tim Keller 回應進化論與聖經的衝突


What about the more specific issue of how evolutionary science fits with the Biblical account of creation in Genesis 1 and 2? Surely there we have a head-on collision. No, that’s not the case.

Different Christian thinkers use all of Barbour’s models of relating science to faith—conflict, dialogue, integration, and independence. Some Christians in the highly publicized Creation Science movement take the conflict model and insist that Genesis 1 teaches that God created all life-forms in a period of six twenty-four-hour days just several thousand years ago. At the other end of the spectrum are Christians who take the independence model and simply say that God was the primary cause in beginning the world and after that natural causes took over. Other thinkers occupy the central positions. Some hold that God created life and then guided natural selection to develop all complex life-forms from simpler ones. In this view, God acts as a top-down cause without violating the process of evolution. Others, believing there are gaps in the fossil record and claiming that species seem to “appear” rather than develop from simpler forms, believe that God performed large-scale creative acts at different points over longer periods of time.


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