面對恐怖分子,我們可以禱告上帝,願惡人的惡(行)斷絕,這是詩篇中的例子1。上帝或許興起一股敵對的力量來打擊這惡行,恐怖主義的濫殺無辜給了美國、法國、俄國這樣的理由,他們的殘酷威脅也迫使敘利亞百姓大批逃離本國。我們不禁要問,這些恐怖主義者的理念是甚麼呢?如果沒有人民的支持,他們希望達到甚麼目的呢? 我們如果仔細讀恐怖主義分子的勝利宣言… 詳閱


Pope Francis embraced survivors of 9/11 in the footprints of the Twin Towers, then prayed for peace at an interfaith service beside the last column of steel salvaged from the fallen skyscrapers. Arriving straight from his speech to the United Nations on Friday (Sept. 25), Francis met with families from the 9/1… 詳閱


For more than three decades, Baltimore-based World Relief has resettled tens of thousands of refugees, many of whom fled religious or political persecution in their homelands. Local churches have played a key role in this ministry. Church volunteers have befriended refugees and other new immigrants, helped them find jobs an… 詳閱

波士頓馬拉松爆炸案中嫌犯Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 指傷害回教徒中任何一人等同傷害所有回教徒

BOSTON (Reuters)  Jurors in the trial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev got to see the blood-stained message that prosecutors say he wrote on the inside of a boat he was hiding in before his violent capture, explaining his reasoning for killing innocent people. “We Muslims are one bod… 詳閱


WASHINGTON (RNS) Jews and Muslims are part of the fabric of French society, despite recent terror attacks in Paris that shined a light on long-running discrimination and attacks aimed at both groups, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said Thursday (Feb. 19). “Without Jews Paris would not be the city that i… 詳閱
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