Ben Carson stirred up the latest Republican primary tempest this weekend when he volunteered the opinion that he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” What should we make of this statement? First, it speaks to a pervasive religious ignorance in our political culture, o… 詳閱


NEW YORK (Reuters)  United Airlines apologized on Wednesday (June 4)  to a Muslim chaplain who said she was denied an unopened can of soda on an affiliated U.S. domestic flight by an attendant who said it could be used as a weapon. United launched an investigation after Northwestern University associat… 詳閱


WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Washington’s transit system is weighing whether to allow a subway ad featuring a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that won first prize at an event in Texas this month that was attacked by two gunmen. The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority is conducting a a cartoostandard review o… 詳閱

Meriam Ibrahim given refuge at US embassy in Sudan; says she will leave future to God

Her detention came just hours after being freed from prison following a judge’s decision to drop apostasy and adultery charges against her. Ibrahim was sentenced to death for apostasy on May 11 because the state deemed her marriage to a Christian man, Daniel Wani, to be void. While Ibrahim testifie… 詳閱

Why Christians are under pressure to exit Iraq

If ISIS can hold Mosul and consolidate its presence there, it will have taken a giant step towards its goal of creating an Islamist region, controlled by insurgents, that connects Iraq and Syria… 詳閱
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