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For more than three decades, Baltimore-based World Relief has resettled tens of thousands of refugees, many of whom fled religious or political persecution in their homelands. Local churches have played a key role in this ministry. Church volunteers have befriended refugees and other new immigrants, helped them find jobs an… 詳閱

葛福臨解釋為何杯葛富國銀行(Wells Fargo Bank)?

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association did not decide to move our ministry bank accounts from Wells Fargo simply because the San Francisco-based bank is “gay-friendly.” Indeed, the bank we transferred our accounts to — BB&T based in Winston-Salem, N.C. — is also widely considered gay-friendly. In fact, it may surpris… 詳閱

杜克大學與葛福臨(Franklin Graham)的爭議:哪些基督徒享有的空間應禁止回教徒涉足?

Duke University’s reversal of today’s plan to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer from its historic chapel tower has reinvigorated a debate over shared worship space. The Durham, North Carolina-based school had authorized Muslim students to recite the three-minute chant from Duke Chapel on Friday, the weekly day of assembl… 詳閱


The first Muslim prayer service ever hosted at Washington’s National Cathedral, a landmark Christian church in the US capital, was interrupted on Friday by a lone anti-Islamic protester and drew criticism from leading conservative spokesman Rev Franklin Graham. Admission to the service was by invitation only and security was tight… 詳閱
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