After the St. Louis County (MO) Grand Jury in Ferguson declined to indict Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, chaos ensued.  Certainly, chaos ensued in the streets of Ferguson as protests turned into riots throughout the city.  At the same time, chaos of a different sort emerged amon… 詳閱


A pastor in Missouri is among those calling for a boycott of the Black Friday Sales as part of ongoing protests over the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown. The Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition is asking people to join its ‘No Justice, No Profit’ campaign. Protesters will wal… 詳閱


We’ve launched a series here called, “It’s Time to Listen.” In it, we’ve asked African-American evangelical leaders to share from their diverse perspectives. These contributors are intentionally not, well, the kinds of people that some evangelicals distrust (media, politicians, etc.). These are evangelicals– like you, probably. In the coming days… 詳閱

弗格森市的背後: 黑白人基督徒在種族問題上看法之分歧

As protests and vigils have become daily occurences in Ferguson, Missouri, so have online debates over how black and white Christians have (broadly speaking) reacted differently since teenager Michael Brown was killed by police officer Darren Wilson in a St. Louis suburb earlier this month. With an increasing number o… 詳閱