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(此系列文章乃改寫自筆者自行預備的主日學教材) 論到讀經,常言道:不要將自己的意思讀入聖經,要將聖經的原本意思讀出來。我卻說:不讀入自己的意思,那還可以怎樣讀經? 按教會一般的說法,前者是「釋經」(exegesis),後者卻被稱為「私意解經」(eisegesis)。顯然地,此兩者的中文名稱已經內含價值判斷:前者是客觀、公允的,後者卻是主觀、偏頗的。但其實,… 詳閱

一個耶教徒的告白(2) 壞鬼釋經(新約)讀後感

在 Howtindog 講座中, Howtindog 與陳到不約而同的強調,為避免”聖經專為我服務”,最佳辦法是留心細讀聖經上下文. 他們又建議信徒可讀曾思瀚博士的壞鬼釋經. 碰巧我剛讀完此書(新約部份),在此抽下水,發表一下讀後感. 曾博士選了教會常引用,而信徒又常曲解的幾十段經文,透過分析上下文及經文本身的結構,分段及背景,找出作者要表達的真正意思和重點,再從當… 詳閱

[HowtinLive] 基督教學校

Highlights: Howtindog偏心篩選女聽眾; 中學生不應談戀愛; 小毒女見證老師豪追女學生; 德哥被男聽眾性騷擾; 女神嘉螢失儀喪笑; 金德寶被阿sir睇住游水; 包包被男老師超能力透視眼監察內衣規… 詳閱

Jews, Catholics in Tacoma join together for anniversary of Nostra Aetate

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate and the Second Vatican Council The 50th anniversary of a Catholic document that redefined Roman Catholicism’s relationship to Judaism and other non-Christian religions will be celebrated in Tacoma Thursday night.Temple Beth El and St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church are joining together to presen… 詳閱

Devotion 2014 lent #16 儍女 馬太福音 c25a

八掛未日係幾時,警醒乜野? 十童女比喻 沒有街燈的灑盲雞年代 為何叻女如此孤寒 儍女衰邊範… 詳閱


The eight members were announced after Francis came under fire from victims’ groups for a perceived lack of attention to the abuse scandal, which has seriously damaged the Catholic Church’s reputation around the world and cost dioceses and religious orders billions of dollars in legal fees and settlements. The Vatica… 詳閱

US: Feminist Professors Are Not Secluded Monks

I am convinced that the world needs feminist work in religion more than ever. The generation of feminist scholars in religion before us faced ridicule, censorship, and loss of employment when they charted a new territory and started a new field. They have laid a solid foundation for us to buil… 詳閱

Stackhouse: Before You Talk or Write about Homosexuality…

A few friendly tips, if I may, for those Christian leaders, preachers, professors, pundits, activists, and anyone else who wants to participate in our culture’s ongoing discussion of homosexuality, whether same-sex marriage, bullying in schools, the rights of religious institutions or individuals to discriminate on the basis of their traditions… 詳閱

US: Mark Driscoll’s Problems, and Ours

Mark Driscoll is one person, a uniquely talented individual. Yet he is also a function of structural problems within the new Reformed movement itself. Despite its distinct and in many ways sophisticated theology, the “young, restless, and reformed” movement has always been in some respects simply the latest manifestation o… 詳閱

Archbishop, Pope back anti-slavery and human trafficking initiative

We are now being challenged in these days to find more profound ways of putting our ministry and mission where our faith is; and being called into a deeper unity on the side of the poor and in the cause of the justice and righteousness of God. For this reason… 詳閱


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