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「不合一,又如何?」 — 對《關懷香港牧函》的一點回應

iQuest於6月13日在其網站上刊登了一篇由三十多位基督教教會領袖及信徒聯署的《關懷香港牧函》(以下簡稱《牧函》)。 筆者同意牧函中取自以弗所書四:3的「竭力持守聖靈所賜合而為一的心」一句。我們可以做和能夠做的僅此而已。參約翰福音十七:20-23,因為「合一」是神的工作,從來都不是信徒要做的。在神的合一工作之下,信徒可以做的只是持守聖靈所賜合而為一的心,… 詳閱

Pope Francis: persecution against Christians is now greater than the early church

He added: A fundamentalist group, although it may not kill anyone, although it may not strike anyone, is violent. The mental structure of fundamentalists is violence in the name of God… 詳閱

你的信仰未必是我的信仰 ── 回應薛孔奇「這就是我的信仰」一文

看罷薛孔奇弟兄(下稱“薛生”)刊登在時代論壇的「這就是我的信仰」一文,發覺當中轉折太快、落差頗大。一時大數自己的信主歷程、之後說只是一名普通信徒;先說做任何事都應考慮到後果、及後又說「是否按真理而活乃是最大的考慮,後果並不重要」。到底薛生想表達甚麼?這些轉折引發筆者數點暇想。 一、「普通信徒」? 以薛生過往的信仰生活(薛生自己說的「… 詳閱

Did Hillary Clinton begin supporting gay marriage for political reasons?

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton defended herself in an NPR interview on Thursday, when asked to explain her changed stance towards gay marriage… 詳閱

Why Christians are under pressure to exit Iraq

If ISIS can hold Mosul and consolidate its presence there, it will have taken a giant step towards its goal of creating an Islamist region, controlled by insurgents, that connects Iraq and Syria… 詳閱

Physicist and atheist Lawrence Krauss: Arguments of religious apologists are ‘incredibly weak’

Together they toured the world taking their message of science and reason over antiquated and – in their view – unlikely religious ideas about the univers… 詳閱


On June 5, the Rev. Adam Hamilton and others offered “A Way Forward,” a proposal to let churches vote to depart from the Book of Discipline by hosting same-sex unions and welcoming gay pastors. The proposal also calls for letting annual conferences decide to depart from the Discipline by ordainin… 詳閱

Self Portrait: Paranoia III


For 29-year-old Jonny Scaramanga, who attended Victory Christian School in Bath until he was 14, the experience was “horrendous”. “At 8:15 I would arrive at my ‘office’ – a desk 2ft wide, with dividers 18 ins tall, designed to remove ‘distractions’,” he said. “Every morning we had an opening exercise… 詳閱


我們特意選擇以政府總部做拍攝背景,在這政治動盪不安的時候,猶有意義。而在拍攝這段影片時,是正午時間,昨日超級曬和超級熱,但我們足足拍了兩小時,這首”問誰未發聲”由生疏唱到熟練,還要穿著黑衫,汗流浹背,其實不是為了”攞苦嚟辛”,也不是為了宣傳平台,亦非為了滿足自我的慾望,而是知道自己不能作甚麼,能力太有限,現在能做的,就是… 詳閱


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