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World Vision asks board members to sign traditional marriage agreements

In a departure from these beliefs, World Vision had announced three months ago that they would recognize the same-sex marriages of their employees, and eliminate traditional marriage language from their employee handbook. At the time, they said they were not endorsing gay marriage, but also that the board members wer… 詳閱

[HowtinLive] 返教會慘過擔泥

上次異聞錄冇人打入嚟, 今次HowtinLive翻炒同一個題目, 歡迎各位call in分享返教會的辛酸血淚史, 又或者有機會喺香港見過howtindog的聽眾, 打上嚟大爆黑材料, 隊死佢… 詳閱


一,引言 去年我撰寫了兩篇文章[1]回應鄧紹光以尤達/候活士觀點對佔中行動有所保留,當事人毫無學術討論誠意[2],令我本已打算不再淌這些渾水,然而,基於尤達/候活士觀點出發的言論,卻越來越流行,有用來談新聞自由、家庭價值、六四、腐敗政權等,彷如顯學,我便覺得有需要平衡一下,期望普羅信徒接觸尤達/候活士觀點時會有多些思考角度,不要盲目追捧時興… 詳閱

假如美國 Hobby Lobby 公司勝訴,將會有甚麼後果?

“If the Supreme Court gives corporations rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, it could be a sea change,” said Marci Hamilton, constitutional law expert and author of newly released book God vs. the Gavel: The Perils of Extreme Religious Liberty. “Hobby Lobby is discriminating against employees who don’t shar… 詳閱


The largest outbreak of measles in recent U.S. history is underway. Ohio has the majority of the cases, with 341 confirmed and eight hospitalizations. The virus has spread quickly among the largely unvaccinated Amish communities in the state. The afternoon Fletcher arrived in the county, she collected samples, and … 詳閱


從前拒絕出席教會聚會有不少原因。一般原因包括陪父母飲茶、與朋友約會、預備考試、被父母禁止等等。不過時代變了,現今卻出現一個嶄新的理由,這就是「你們的教會很河蟹(和諧)!」究竟現今的教會怎樣「河蟹」呢?他們逃避談及政治議題,卻指責抗爭者不順服。更令人嘔血的是一些名牧「誠意推介」親建制的「主內弟兄姊妹」參選議會。這除了教牧學識有限外,… 詳閱

Bilibala bible 201 以西結書 c37 死灰復燃

生命為了什么而堅持?當中聖靈又給人什么力量和帶來什么改變?生命真能堅持到底嗎?絕望的盡處,能見到希望的署光是句安慰話,還是歷史的進程… 詳閱


Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll was accused last year of plagiarism in material he wrote with Tyndale House Publishers and InterVarsity Press. “Mistakes were made that I am grieved by and apologize for,” Driscoll said in a statement. More recently, popular Oklahoma City–based megachurch pastor Craig Groeschel has been accuse… 詳閱


What has struck me pretty forcibly is how much of both the music and the Christian commentary on the stations that play the music indulge in an uber-personal and sentimental interpretation of the Christian message and experience. The relevance of the Christian message is focused squarely on the individual an… 詳閱


好像見到成班旗人護主,滿州人當權的絕對操控,維護既得利益者滿州人的利益,無視漢人的幸福。 約十日前中學女生學生告訴我她支持建制派,因她喜歡歷史,知道現況有原因,但感到無奈。我對他即時發表了孫中山都應該講過的演說XD。 係,接受歷史。但接受歷史就要任讓一小撮既得利益者高高在上巧取豪奪下去,永世其昌嗎???漢人連公道都得不到的時候,就要接受… 詳閱


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