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Hobby Lobby 的滑坡會停在哪裡?

The reason it’s unlikely the Supreme Court would uphold a religious exemption for vaccinations or blood transfusions is not something intrinsic to those claims; it’s simply that Alito finds them weird. Birth control is banned by the Bible? Sure. Blood transfusions are banned by the Bible? Don’t be silly. Fo… 詳閱


早上四時許就起床(英國時間),因掛念著那些仍留守遮打道,靜坐抗議的朋友。從臉書得知警方開始清場,並拘捕了五百多人,其中有我的同事、學生、朋友、同行者 …。在臉書,我寫下-「不要太驚慌,因理在你們手中。」 按當下法例,理絕不在靜坐抗議的朋友手中,因為警方不但理直氣壯以參與「未經批准集結」和「對公眾地方造成阻礙」等理由拘捕他們,更以其合… 詳閱


關於這次7.1佔中 單從清場行動而言,on live 睇左三個半鐘,對警方既專業同克制表現,我想講thank you. 值得我敬重同多謝各前線人員既勞苦. (again, 傷手傷腳係正常衝突會發生,所以我唔覺得所有人都吹水屈,但目測認會警方不是特登同已盡最大努力,我想已經值讚) 站在個人立場和信念,我仍然支持學生和平表達意見權利. 就算阻街幾日,在歐美罷工示威上十日plus是司空見慣… 詳閱

Bilibala bible 201 以西結書 c38-39 沒有高牆的雞蛋

以西結書有關哥革王跟以色列人之戰爭, 是末日預言, 歷史事件還是比喻一則? 這場戰事對當時灰心絕望的以色列人有什么作用? 今日教會跟那當年先知的信息, 所形容的局境有什么關係呢? 若閃在雞蛋和高牆之間中立地繼續傳福音這大業,可以實現守護神的應許和使命嗎… 詳閱

Love is concrete

I love Mankind. It’s PEOPLE I can’t stand… 十分喜愛這幅花生漫畫。「我愛人類,只是我受不了與人相處」,這句話深奧到不得了——愛一億個人,其實比愛一兩個人容易。爲什麼呢?因爲,愛,從來都是具體的。它要求你進入一個人實在的生命,明白她的性格、聆聽他的牢騷、花時間與她的相處、勇敢地敞開自己的心扉,甚至暴露自己的無助,然後深呼吸承受着風險付上可… 詳閱

Hobby Lobby 勝訴

The ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties underscores religious liberty as our “first freedom.” The freedom to exercise religion, enshrined in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights, has been called “the cornerstone of the American experiment” because it is from our religious freedom all of our other freedom… 詳閱

Liberia ebola outbreak: Pastors being urged not to rely on faith alone to heal the sick

Dr Bernice Dahn is concerned that some people infected with the highly contagious Ebola virus are being kept indoors in the belief that prayer alone will heal them. She said three people suspected of having Ebola in New Kru Town died in a church where they had gone for prayer… 詳閱

Utah’s gay marriage ban struck down in appeals court

The judges cited the constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law in their decision. “The Fourteenth Amendment protects the fundamental right to marry, establish a family, raise children, and enjoy the full protection of a state’s marital laws,” the court wrote. “A state may not deny the issuance o… 詳閱


Christians in China are protesting the government’s demolition of church buildings and crosses as “illegal constructions.” Pastors and church members from across Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province recently wrote a letter to the government, asking them to stop the destruction of the religious buildings. The letter outlined eight reasons why destroying th… 詳閱

Meriam Ibrahim given refuge at US embassy in Sudan; says she will leave future to God

Her detention came just hours after being freed from prison following a judge’s decision to drop apostasy and adultery charges against her. Ibrahim was sentenced to death for apostasy on May 11 because the state deemed her marriage to a Christian man, Daniel Wani, to be void. While Ibrahim testifie… 詳閱