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 Who gives these people the right to speak?…   When voices attempt to drown out other voices, the process becomes a power struggle and church political game rather than dialogue.  As such, these voices whether debating the family value issue or NPP issue are playing a dangerous secularized power game… 詳閱


Let me define what I mean with these terms. By defense, I mean that parents and churches must attempt to protect children from damaging content. Adults have a responsibility to establish boundaries that guard kids from harmful material in movies and television before they are mature enough to wisely navigat… 詳閱


But the official purpose of the visit is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a historic rapprochement between Catholics and Orthodox and to try to restore Christian unity after nearly 1,000 years of estrangement… 詳閱

神學教授Stackhouse: 上帝不是我的一切,也不能滿足我一切需要

Actually, No, You Are NOT “My Everything” Robert Louis Wilken’s magisterial study of The Spirit of Early Christian Thought concludes, as it ought, with the highest of concerns among the Fathers: love of God. Gregory of Nyssa, Augustine of Hippo, Maximus the Confessor—they all tell us to “transfer our whole longing t… 詳閱


六四25周年紀念聯署禱文 各位親愛的教牧同工及弟兄姊妹: 首先在主裏向你們問安! 一九八九年在天安門的廣場上,有無數熱血學生及勇敢的人民為著自由、法治、民主,為著反官倒及反貪腐等理念發起了一場舉世觸目的民主運動,卻被軍隊血腥鎮 壓,犧牲了數千寶貴的生命作結束。至今已廿五年了,六四仍未平反。本會仍然堅持主辦「六四祈禱會」,在報章刊登「六四紀… 詳閱

Self Portrait: Paranoia II


在這世界,其實很多人都怕死,原因有許多,有些人就害怕落到地獄被牛頭馬面嚇暈;一些就是聽聞地獄裡有油鑊,驚惶失措;有些人驚被勾脷根,試問誰人沒講過大話?甚至,有些人驚下世投胎為人類寵物,或許,是因著對自家寵物的愧疚吧!總之,對他們而言,死後的世界真是非常恐怖。 但另一方面,偏偏又有一些人是不怕死的,原因可能是人不想面對現實,而萌生的自… 詳閱


戴左頭盔先,以下筆記是有一天和朋友查經所得,當日我們並無參考釋經書或原文。若看官追求「唯一正確無誤」的解釋,勿看。但是,我仍然認為我們的觀察很值得大家一起參詳。 五章大綱 五章由三個故事組成,分別是「格拉森人」、「醫治十二年血漏」和「睚魯的女兒」。我先略略講這三個故事的梗概。耶穌刻意渡往格拉森,尋找在村外的墳墓的一個「癲佬」,他被鬼… 詳閱


On Tuesday, Tullian Tchividjian used his last blog at The Gospel Coalition (TGC) to complain that he was abruptly ordered off the Reformed network by tomorrow (though he was already planning on leaving in August for his own Liberate site)…. “Holding together a fellowship of evangelical ministers and ministries ha… 詳閱


That “wide angle” reality is highlighted in this important addition to the Zondervan Counterpoints series. Two contributors, Albert Mohler of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Kevin Vanhoozer of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, affirm the doctrine of inerrancy in quite different ways. Another, Michael Bird of Melbourne, Australia, opposes th… 詳閱


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