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Tony Wong 黃嘉漢
  世道不公傷害人,人心冷漠不關心! 失樂園內藐視神,心硬剛愎背主恩! 自私自利大財閥,壓搾窮人太不仁! 道德混亂無準則,倫理不清嚇壞人! 爾虞我詐常發生,打家劫舍非新聞! 情慾橫流放任身,家中無情又無心! 為官不仁只看金,百姓受害耳不聞! 平安之聲雖耳聞,但是危險已來臨!   今天凝望失樂園,眼淚漣漣不能完! 獨坐望樓心極酸,向主苦問揮雙… 詳閱

「家庭」是嚴肅話題 不要騎劫!

「家庭」是嚴肅話題 不要騎劫… 詳閱


上禮拜四開始了我們教會「史無前例」的崇拜主席訓練的第一課。說是「史無前例」,是因為在我返教會這二十多年,在我的記憶中,似乎並沒有這樣的訓練出現過。其他的「崇拜職事」的訓練,如司事訓練、領詩訓練等等,卻不時會出現。這代表什麼?這是我們認為崇拜主席都是「手版眼見」的工夫,可以learning by doing或是learning by observing? 第一堂過後,從參與者的回應中… 詳閱


The couple didn’t object to getting married in her family’s old church; in fact, they found the idea a little romantic. But they weren’t particularly interested in a church wedding as Matthew described it. He told them that he would marry them, but only after more extensive conversations about Christia… 詳閱


In fact, if it were not some sort of “heresy” to say so, it sounds like the earliest communities of Christians were a lot more concerned with how they used their resources for others than how they stored up treasures for themselves after a series of capitalistic successes in orde… 詳閱


  每逢普通話密集課程《神學治學法》的最後一課,我都會給國內同學一個大挑戰:「讓我們來讀一篇英文吧!」全班分成四大組,一起合力查字典,目標要把整篇英文神學文章搞明白,然後各組分享文章的意思。他們都來自中國的不同省份,農村的、東北的、城市的、雲南的也有。他們都是「英文認識他們,他們不認識英文」,中學未畢業的也有,五十多歲的也有。他們… 詳閱

Self Portrait: Paranoia I

最高工時與安息-回應「愛爸媽. 愛我家」運動

有一日打開電視,見到有個幾分鐘講最低工資的短劇,以為是公營電台的製作。再看清楚,原來這議題就是連TBB也注意,特別為此製作特輯。 不過現在教內,最大力推動的,是「愛爸媽. 愛我家」運動。我想,訂立最高工時,也能維護家庭。在5.18『「愛爸媽. 愛我家」運動 ~ 啟動禮』的網站內,找到運動的三個願景希望,其中兩個條為: 所有孩子可以在父母的悉心照料下… 詳閱

After Mozilla, will Facebook be next on the LGBT hit list? Social networking site donated 41% to politicians opposing gay causes

a look at FB PAC’s 2012 campaign contributions show that the group has donated thousands of dollars to House Speaker John Boehner, who has repeatedly made clear his opposition to gay marriage… 詳閱

“Zero tolerance” for homophobic bullying says ABC

The importance of these issues is borne out in the statistics. A recent survey of LGBT individuals aged between 16 and 25 found that 49 per cent said that their time in school had been characterised either by actual or threat of discrimination… 詳閱