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The late Japanese Buddhist scholar Dr. Suzuki recommended to the Catholic monk Thomas Merton that he read Meister Eckhart, “the one Zen thinker of the West.” To read Eckhart is to encounter many truths that Buddhism teaches such as the need for stillness or mindfulness. Says Eckhart: “Love God mindlessly… 詳閱


It is not often that the Century publishes a feature article about the sexual behavior of a theologian, but the case of John Howard Yoder (“Theology and misconduct”) raises questions for all Christians, not just for the Mennonite community to which he belonged. What is the relationship between what … 詳閱


聖經明確教導我們,「最重要是為萬人,為君王和一切在高位的,祈求、禱告、代求、感謝,好讓我們可以敬虔莊重地過安穩平靜的生活」(提前二1-2,《新漢語譯本》)。 教會要為地上執掌權柄的代求,無論習近平或梁振英,個人喜歡與否,我們定期的集體代求,表明這些領導人有否信仰,皆要向神問責。習近平或梁振英,有其靈性限制,不懂得或無辦法向神祈求;神的子民… 詳閱

鍾氏兄弟 表面不福音的 福音專輯 「極」

第一次寫樂評分享 由2009年鐘聲到今天的「極」!見證著鍾氏兄弟不斷創新及在音樂上用心!! 當「極」這張專輯出現的時候 , 腦海中想起一句經文 但聖靈降臨在你們身上、你們就必得著能力.並要在耶路撒冷、猶太全地、和撒瑪利亞、直到地極、作我的見證。 徒1:8 他們用心把最好音樂帶到香港當中,傳遍四周.當中流露的是一份對香港的一份情及真理!帶出很多反思出來,由<<… 詳閱

流奶與蜜之地 – 巴勒斯坦的第三條路

巴勒斯坦兒童在Tent of Nations岩洞教堂中的壁畫,耶穌截斷步槍,就是下一代的希望嗎? Today God weeps over the situation in Palestine and Israel. Today God weeps over Gaza.  With God, our hearts are broken when we see the carnage in Gaza and in Israel. (A statement by Bethlehem Bible College regarding the current crisis in Gaza, 25/7/2014) 七月份炎炎夏日,對我們幸福的一群來說可能是到沙灘玩樂的好日子,但對巴勒斯坦人來說,到… 詳閱


China says it may try to create a theology based on Christianity – that integrates the religion with Chinese culture and is compatible with the country’s socialist beliefs, it’s been reported. Wang Zuoan, a senior official for religious affairs, says China supports the development of Christianity within the country. Bu… 詳閱

James Dunn 論加沙衝突

I acknowledge the legitimacy of Israel’s concerns in building the security barrier, but am distressed that no Elijah-like protest (1 Kings 21) is to be heard or given publicity against the land-grab of the positioning of the barrier or at the abuse of traditional rights of Arab landowners and oliv… 詳閱

Richard J. Mouw 論基督教學府

That was immensely important counsel for me then, and it still influences the way I see academic institutions that claim an evangelical identity. We are something like a religious order. And our “special vows” compel us to organize our academic life-together in certain ways, which—like the Jesuits—establishes some boundaries t… 詳閱


Antrim’s death was the latest in what is being called a “rash” of pastor suicides: the Illinois pastor who shot himself in front of his mother and son last fall; the Georgia pastor who took his life in between worship services; and Isaac Hunter, the Orlando pastor who killed himsel… 詳閱


山嶺是我所喜愛的!記得第一次在香港遠足便是在晚上登上蚺蛇尖,那次經歷真是很深刻,因為當時我沒有遠足經驗,而且沒有穿著良好的行山鞋,加上西貢蚺蛇尖是香港三尖之一,即是此山形呈尖狀,登上此山之路可想而知是筆直的。 自蚺蛇尖一役之後,我便愛上遠足登山,經常與朋友們遊歷香港各大小名山,曾經組隊到海外攀上著名山峰如沙巴的京那巴魯山(神山),也… 詳閱


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