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Bilibala bible 201 讀經人眼中的啟示文學

啟示文學 – 一般信徒會想到啟示錄, 想到啟示錄又帶出兩個反應,不是驚,就是好奇八掛. 究竟啟示文學是什么?當中的信息是什么?如何在讀經時抓到主旨,讀懂那些異象呢… 詳閱

Desmond Tutu in favour of assisted dying: ‘I revere the sanctity of life – but not at any cost’

Last week former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey came out in favour of assisted dying; this weekend, he was joined by another Anglican leader – Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In an article for the Observer published on Saturday, Tutu insists: “I revere the sanctity of life – but not at any cost… 詳閱

Christian persecution in China intensifies as pastor sentenced to 12 years in ‘miscarriage of justice’

The Christian pastor was sentenced on July 4 after being detained by Chinese police on November 17. A family member, Zhang Cuijuan, and another pastor, Chao Junling, were also detained and are awaiting sentencing. Pastor Zhang had been in a dispute with the Nanle County government since October over lan… 詳閱


A Massachusetts town cut short its contract with Gordon College after the school’s president asked President Obama to exempt religious institutions from an expected non-discrimination order. Gordon president D. Michael Lindsay—also a CT board member—was among 14 other Christian thought and policy leaders, including CT’s executive editor Andy Crouch, wh… 詳閱


前言: 華神出版社在前陣子(2013/12)出版了《聖經真的沒有錯嗎?》一書。由於此書是由多個不同的作者所寫成,每一章基本上可以視為獨立的篇章,所以我會一章一章的來評論。每一章的評論篇幅不同。若我說作者x在某一章沒有把y講的很清楚,可是y在之後別的作者的篇章中有很詳細的解說,那並不意味著我對x的評論有錯,只能說他的疏忽由別的作者補足而已。 由於聖經… 詳閱


早陣子為了預備講道,翻看了好些材料,了解一下耶穌開始傳道之初的社會形勢,於是就順藤摸瓜,仔細發掘施洗約翰和希律家族的瓜葛。 當我代入施洗約翰的個性,想像他說話的語氣,大概,和黃毓民鬧人時的語氣應該好似。 【馬太福音3章7-10節】 廣東話意譯本(參RSV)   約翰見到蒞咗幾個法利賽人同撒都該人,又話要受浸。   「仆你個街你班冚家剷!」約翰抵唔住頸… 詳閱

Hobby Lobby and the morning after pill: a victory for religious liberty?

The Supreme Court yesterday ruled in favour of Hobby Lobby’s Christian owners who refused to offer employees morning after and week after pills as part of the company’s health insurance plans. In a landmark decision, justices ruled by a 5-4 majority that closely-held businesses can uphold religious objections which allo… 詳閱

is leader – ‘Muslims must fight until Rome conquered’

In an impassioned audio address, the leader of Islamic militant group ISIS has declared that Muslims will continue fighting until they conquer Rome. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi used his latest message to call his radical followers to “rush” to his newfound pan-Islamic state, a stretch of land across Iraq and Syri… 詳閱

What Rowan Williams really said about Buddhism

Sensationalist headlines insist that the former Archbishop of Canterbury has turned to Buddhism – but has he really exchanged his mitre for an alms bowl? In an article for this week’s New Statesman, Lord Rowan Williams highlights the importance of ritual within his prayer life, sharing that he begins eac… 詳閱


Leaders of U.S. Roman Catholic and some Protestant churches will sign a historic agreement Tuesday in Austin by which the two traditions will formally recognize each other’s liturgical rites of baptism. The product of seven years of talks among five denominations, the agreement will be signed at 7:15 p.m. Tuesda… 詳閱