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原載於《耶教能人》號外 #1,網上版全文:。 《耶教能人》實體雜誌訂購表格:。   教會之所以形成,原是初期教會信徒天天聚集在一處,同心合意地擘餅。起初他們聚集在一起, 相信主必快來,恆切火熱地傳揚福音,甚至不畏殉道。日子過去,他們漸漸覺得距離主再來的日子尚遠,同時也開始思考教會遍地開… 詳閱

難唸的聖經(4) 如果我是陳校長

浸大校長陳新滋先生在畢業禮勸撐起雨傘的學生自重. 事件越演越烈,成了浸大的公關災難. 不管你支持那方,這件事都甚有檢討價值. 每個人都有表達意見的自由和權利,這點相信人人同意. 但論到表達者的權限,則有許多思想空間. 學生在畢業禮,在屬於”他”上台的時間有出位舉動,在香港或西方這樣的例子比比皆是,假… 詳閱


The first Muslim prayer service ever hosted at Washington’s National Cathedral, a landmark Christian church in the US capital, was interrupted on Friday by a lone anti-Islamic protester and drew criticism from leading conservative spokesman Rev Franklin Graham. Admission to the service was by invitation only and security was tight… 詳閱

伊斯蘭國發佈美國人質Peter Kassig斬首視頻

Islamic State militants have beheaded another American hostage, Peter Kassig, issuing a video claiming the killing on Sunday and warning the United States they would kill other US citizens “on your streets.” US President Barack Obama confirmed the death of the aid worker in what he called “an act o… 詳閱


A pro-life group of Catholic priests is refusing to obey a court ruling that it must provide birth control for employees as part of health insurance plans. The United States DC Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a claim from Priests for Life that it should be exempt from the Obamacar… 詳閱


The Church of England today gave the final seal of approval to women bishops, following the passing of legislation by the General Synod in July. At the Synod’s meeting this afternoon at Church House, an amendment which states that “A man or woman may be consecrated into the office o… 詳閱


筆者孤陋寡聞,原來亞洲協會香港中心,會在2014年11月4日至2015年1月25日,在香港和中國首次展出不少的考古文物(見報導)。展出文物包括死海古卷的《以賽亞書卷》仿製品,而其中一件是所謂《加百列啟示》(Gabriel Revelation 或 Hazon Gabriel 1)的石碑,因為內容與死海古卷相似,故又稱為《石卷》(Stone Scroll)。 發現經過 《石卷》的來由可追溯到十多年前的一單文物買賣。大約在2000… 詳閱


又讀到《路得記》了。每次讀都有「新亮光」。   初讀《路得記》,把《路得記》看為「路得一個女人的傳記」,再讀,發現拿俄米其實也是故事的主要人物,兩婆媳相依為命。 其實,《路得記》是三個女人的故事。俄珥巴雖然只是配角,在第一章過場出現,然後消失了,與故事沒有關係了。作者把她寫她寫進故事去,一方面是襯托拿俄米和路得從摩押回歸猶大。另一方… 詳閱


As China becomes more politically conservative, some churches are facing greater pressure to fall in line with the Communist party, a country expert has confirmed. Speaking anonymously, a spokesperson for Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) told Christian Today that there has been a “knock on effect” for Christians following the introductio… 詳閱

美國電視台 CBS 訪問現負責處理兒童性侵犯的教宗親信 O’Malley 樞機

Cardinal Seán, as he prefers to be called, is a part of the pope’s Council of Cardinals. He has also been put in charge of cleaning up the sexual abuse problems within the Catholic Church — an assignment given by the pope. When the topic came up, O’Donnell says tha… 詳閱


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