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從形勢判斷,「和平佔中」與相關抗爭運動勢在必行,而這些行動的背後,並非要改變中央對民主政改的決定,乃是表達港人對民主與公義的委身。 在可預見的一個月來,大專院校會有罷課與集會,民間則有各款抗爭活動,如剃髮、遊行與集會等,這連串行動預期不會對社會帶來太大的破壞,也預期不會出現所謂「動亂」而要出動解放軍來鎮壓,重演六四悲劇。 「佔中抗爭… 詳閱


Some Christians seem to talk about little other than sin. In reaction, others try to ignore it. But we can’t understand Jesus’ plan to redeem the whole universe without understanding sin.The best antidote for bad theology isn’t no theology. It’s good theology. So, how should we understand sin? We can b… 詳閱


As a kid, I created whole worlds in my bedroom out of Legos. For my tenth birthday, I asked for more Legos to expand my building power. I wanted to conquer bigger and better worlds. My son just turned ten. His surprise gift was a virtual world in Minecraft Realms, an almos… 詳閱


My previous posts have looked at several examples of the different ways God interacted with non-Israelite nations. Ken Berding suggested that I compile a list of the non-Israelite followers of YHWH in the Old Testament. Without further ado, here they are. Readers may fill in all the people I misse… 詳閱


David Cameron has warned that the UK could begin military action against Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq. In a statement to Parliament yesterday, Cameron was asked if the government is “open to the idea of direct military participaton in airstrikes”. The PM said: “I don’t rule anything out. … 詳閱

尼日利亞恐佈組織Boko Haram 宣稱將一名六歲基督徒男童斬首

It was revealed this week that Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram beheaded a six-year-old boy on June 1 because he was a Christian. The attack occurred in Attagara, Gwoza district, Borno State – a predominately Christian community, according to Voice of the Martyrs. Over 100 militants descended upon the village… 詳閱


China is increasingly targeting Christian organisations near the North Korean border in an attempt to quell any support for North Koreans crossing over to escape persecution, Reuters reports. Missionary groups reported Monday that law enforcement officers have conducted a sweep of the border, and forced hundreds of Chinese citizens t… 詳閱

接受真理聖靈的啟示 (約十六:12-15)

Tony Wong 黃嘉漢
我們都可能知道上帝將祂的救贖的計劃、作祂兒女的心意及神對將來世界定局都藉聖靈啟示給祂的僕人而寫作成為我們今日所讀的聖經。然而,我們發現今日的基督徒越來越不明白聖經真理的啟示及聖經真理對基督徒生命的影響。我們可能想出許多方法去幫助自己或別人明白聖經的真理,但許多時候都不大成功。那麼、對於信徒而言,我們如何去面對這個成長的挑戰,使我們… 詳閱

Bilibala Bible 門徒 02 路c15:1-32 雙失的父子

路加福音由14章開始講跟從主,每當我們講跟從主,你的第一印象是什么呢?有趣是路加將失羊,失錢,失父這三失比喻緊接其後,一段”傳統”上在佈道會呼喚未信者決志信主的講章,在路加編輯的佈局下,是否值得你再反思它的意義? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1. 耶穌這比喻對象是誰?v1-2 (察) 你對這些人的出身背景知道幾多?(釋) 2. 小兒子對父親有什… 詳閱


WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court blocked gay and lesbian couples from marrying in Virginia Wednesday as it edges closer to deciding whether same-sex marriage should be legalized nationwide. The ruling puts on hold a federal appeals court’s verdict last month striking down the state’s ban on gay marriage. That case… 詳閱


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