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Students calling for full democracy for Chinese-ruled Hong Kong are hoping to take their protest to Communist Party rulers in Beijing and are expected to announce details of their new battle plan on Thursday. The move signals a shift in the focus of the protests in the former British colon… 詳閱


腓利门书只有短短的25节,因此很少腓利门书的注释是自成一册的,多数都连同其他相关的保罗书信,如:歌罗西书,合在同一本注释书内。但是,Larry Kreitzer, Philemon, Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2008,正文却有173页之多。短短的25节经文能够有那么多注释吗?原来,Kreitzer不只注释腓利门书,事实上是收集了许多诠释腓利门书的历史资料。这其中,最让我注意的,是美国南北战争时期,… 詳閱

難唸的聖經(3) love and peace……唔該袋住先

最近有許多教會牧者有感動用愛與和平做講道,講座的主題. 有這感動大概不是因為信徒合一,非常相親相愛,相反,是因為牧者認為今日社會撕裂嚴重. 潛台詞則是覺得大家唔夠愛又唔夠和平. (這潛台詞沒有什么大不了,至少比仍然堅稱教會合一來得誠實.) 這令我想起聖經腓立比書. 我們經常說它是一卷充滿喜樂,同心的書信. 然而,在使徒保羅的字裡行間提到: 有人傳道不是… 詳閱

Winnipeg 前大主教的律師聲稱有新證據證明大主教沒有性侵犯

A lawyer for a former archbishop convicted of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the 1980s says he has fresh evidence that could have exonerated his client during his trial. Jeff Gindin, who represents Seraphim Storheim, filed a notice of motion asking that the new evidence be heard when th… 詳閱


In a letter to Bishop Mark Sisk, chair of the board of trustees for the General Theological Seminary, the eight striking faculty members have accepted the board’s invitation to accept “provisional reinstatement” and to enter a process of reconciliation. A conflict between eight of the 11-member faculty and the Very Rev. Kur… 詳閱


Ever since the Pentagon started talking about Isis as apocalyptic, I’ve suspected that websites and blogs and YouTube are taking over from reality. I’m even wondering whether “Isis” – or Islamic State or Isil, here we go again – isn’t more real on the internet than it is on th… 詳閱


基督徒合一運動研討會 合一語言創建合一教會。合一語言就是愛。 讓我們以愛的語言,同覓信的根源… 主辦機構: 天主教香港教區基督徒合一委員會 香港基督教協進會合一與教會關係委員會 日期:2014年11月16日 星期日14:30-17:30 地點:循道衛理聯合教會九龍堂 九龍油麻地加士居道四十號 第一場次: 主題:信的根源:因信成義/稱義教義深度詮釋 主講:黃錦文神父 聖神… 詳閱

[笑到窒息] 恥笑林以諾神級講道

林以諾博士牧師神級主日講章賞析  … 詳閱


A video submitted by a mother whose gay son died by suicide after facing condemnation in the church was one of four personal stories viewed and discussed by a panel on sexuality in The United Methodist Church. The mother’s video sparked the most vehement reaction from the panel of si… 詳閱


The Catholic Church will close or merge a dozen of its 240 Chicago-area schools due to falling attendance in some areas of the country’s largest parochial school system, the Archdiocese of Chicago said on Wednesday. “We will not be able to maintain all schools in their current form,” outgoing Cardina… 詳閱


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