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近日美國某電視台播放著一齣經典科幻驚慓片的翻拍版本,名為 The Invasion of Body Snatchers (1978,有譯作《天外魔花》),其中這幕頗令人感觸: 伊麗莎伯:[哀求對方不要害她們]我們會離開這個城市…… 大衛:你毋須要離開這城市呢,所有東西都不會改變,你的生活會一切如常…… 伊麗莎伯:但有甚麼事會發生在我們身上? 大衛:你們會重獲新生,進入一個… 詳閱

美國總統奧巴馬就伊斯蘭國發表的演說 (現場直播附演說全文)

President Barack Obama finally addressed the nation to announce his strategy for ISIS tonight. Obama’s statement was delivered live at 9 p.m. ET from the State Floor of the White House. The full transcript of Obama’s speech is as follows: As Prepared for Delivery My fellow Americans – tonight, … 詳閱


Rev Dr John Munro will return to his position as Calvary Church senior pastor this Sunday after an investigation into an alleged employee handbook violation was determined to be unfounded. Munro was placed on paid leave for two weeks from the Charlotte church while a human resources complaint was investigate… 詳閱


Famed physicist Stephen Hawking made an ominous statement in the foreword of the upcoming book, “Starmus: 50 Years of Man in Space.” Hawking claimed that the “God particle” – a nickname for the Higgs boson, a fundamental particle that gives other particles mass – may one day destroy the universe… 詳閱


Nearly two dozen California college campuses refuse to acknowledge a prominent, international Christian student group because it mandates that leaders follow the teachings of the Bible. The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Group’s requirements render officer positions closed to non-Christians and gays, and has resulted in California State University’s 23 campuses “de-recognising”… 詳閱


After a shock poll put the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns on Scottish independence neck and neck, the Church of Scotland has revealed its concerns about the tone of the debate and the possible damage being done to community relations. With the prospect of independence now just around the corner, Davi… 詳閱


人類生存三項基本的條件 - 空氣、水和食物,在上帝的設計中都是生生不息、不斷循環,而且十分微妙。傳道書的智者正正說出水循環的特色,「江河都往海裏流,海卻不滿;江河從何處流,仍歸還何處。」 雨水降下在地上,聚集在江河中,江河流向海洋,水汽蒸發成雲,又再降雨,水資源不斷循環,讓人類及萬物有生存所需用的水源。這些水源以不同的形式儲存在不同的… 詳閱


Occasionally I find myself in a conversation with a non-Christian friend. Sometimes, I have to pay close attention to the language I use if the talk turns to things related to God and ultimate reality. I do the same when I talk to my children about Bible things. I wan… 詳閱


Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, the Vatican said on Monday, drawing a line under a career plagued by accusations that he kept quiet about the sexual abuse of children by clergy. Cardinal Sean Brady announced his plan to retir… 詳閱


近來周圍又有人玩tag人。我對這種連鎖信般的玩法,本能上是十分抗拒的,因為我很怕那種被迫就範的感覺。不過昨天同事玩「開列10本書」時,用了以下這個問句來tag了我,我就有點心動起來:Just tag on the people that I feel curious about their list, feel free to ignore it, hahahahaha… 面對這種柔和的邀請,雖然起初也是不打算接的了,但行下行下,想起了一些在我人生中也留下了位置的… 詳閱


陳韋安洪麗芳 寫給你心中尚未崩壞的地方