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多元社會下的基督徒 01 基本功

在今日呢個多元社會裡,面對文化衝擊應該點先叫合神心意? Bilibala 嘗試借基督徒可唔可以玩瑜伽為切入點,同大家一齊分析思考一下… 詳閱


雨傘運動結束已有兩個多月,坊間已從很多不同角度和層面作出分析和討論,作為教會牧者和弟兄姊妹,雨傘運動又為我們帶來甚麼挑戰和提醒。對於教會牧養又會有何改變?或許我們只集中於一些表面現象,如:兩代間的對立、黃絲藍絲的互罵、旺角鳩嗚團持續等。但請大家不要忽略這些現象背後,是一些早已存在的問題,如兩代間的溝通不足,沒有足夠的互信。年青人長… 詳閱


歷代誌下廿五章8節:這些人無論大小,為師的、為徒的,都一同掣籤分了班次。 「為徒的」就是作學生學習的人。聖經中的學習是甚麼意思呢?學習的人就是背記知識在腦子裡,理解領會嗎?希臘化的世界觀認為學習主要是認知性的,收集事實,了解問題所在,得到結論,貯存信息,不必參與做甚麼就可以學1。 但希伯來思想中的「學習」卻是作學徒,在經驗中學。從talmiyd… 詳閱

Paul Helm 批評莫特曼神觀不符主流基督教傳統

His doctrine of God depends on Hegel, a hegelianised Trinity in which each Person is a dramatis personae, the drama being the unfolding of God – God as he is – in periods, God the Father, and then the Son, and then the Spirit. But not three persons in on… 詳閱

聖經學者 Hurtado 向 Bart Ehrman 的公開道歉

First, some clarification. I don’t go out of my way to denigrate Bart (or, to my recollection, even to bring him into the discussion gratuitously). Sure, he’s a controversial figure in some circles, but for me is a personal acquaintance over many years whom I respect for his scholarly contributions… 詳閱


This wasn’t on accident. You see, my parents used to be Evangelicals. My parents were Evangelical pastors. My dad grew up in a Quaker denomination that was, at that time, steeped in fundamentalism. When he decided to attend the shockingly liberal seminary, Earlham School of Religion, he was warned tha… 詳閱


A new survey from the Pew Research Center shows 76 percent of Americans know of the Jan. 7 attack, and among this group 60 percent of Americans support the magazine’s right to publish these controversial images, while 28 percent disapprove. However, one in four Americans overall offered no opinion because… 詳閱


The hearing followed education secretary Nicky Morgan’s announcement to parliament last week that Durham free school, which has a Christian ethos, would have its funding terminated after it was ranked inadequate by Ofsted. A day later, Grindon Hall Christian school in Sunderland was branded inadequate and put into special measure… 詳閱


It is the latest in a series of paedophilia scandals involving members of the Catholic Church, and the biggest such legal case known so far in Spain. Judge Antonio Moreno formally accused 10 priests and two lay people of sexually abusing the boy or being complicit in such acts fro… 詳閱


領袖之道,關鍵在於啟發、引導與深化領導者的思考。領袖不一定天資聰敏,知識淵博,但他/她要學習「不厭其煩地思考」,才能掌握形勢,作出明智判斷。 華人教會一向不認真重視思考,大多神學院在思考訓練方面也明顯不足,造成了不少教牧不敢有個人獨立思考,往往以「立場表態」主導對公共課題的討論。在教會文化中,不少領袖從不處理期望與現實之間的落差,於… 詳閱


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