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The Catholic Church will close or merge a dozen of its 240 Chicago-area schools due to falling attendance in some areas of the country’s largest parochial school system, the Archdiocese of Chicago said on Wednesday. “We will not be able to maintain all schools in their current form,” outgoing Cardina… 詳閱


Hundreds of academics, pollsters, and other ne’er-do-wells are haunting Indianapolis this Halloween weekend. They’re gathering for the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR) and the Religious Research Association (RRA). This interdisciplinary confab brings together sociologists, political scientists, demographers, psychologists, and social scientists who researc… 詳閱

從基督信仰看Brittany Maynard 結束生命的決定

face on this week’s People magazine cover is Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old, recently married woman who went public with her plan to take a fatal prescription on November 1, rather than live with her terminal brain cancer until its deadly end. Her reasons include not merely avoiding the suffering she expects to experience, but als… 詳閱


More than 1,000 ancient Christian documents have been saved by a Dominican priest who managed to escape ISIS militants in Iraq. Father Nageeb Michaeel, previously director of the Digital Centre for Eastern Manuscripts at the Mar Behnam Syriac Catholic Monastery, fled Qaraqosh in the middle of the night with thousand… 詳閱


Fresh off the NBA preseason, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin updated fans about his life and faith in a blog post published last week. While he described this year’s training camp as his “hardest one yet,” he said that he has enjoyed moving into a new apartment an… 詳閱

[認識信義宗人物]Regin Prenter (1907-1990)

[認識信義宗人物]11/06是Regin Prenter (1907-1990)生日。 Regin Prenter是丹麥的信義宗牧者及神學家,他在哥本哈根大學研習神學,1931年獲得神學文憑,並成為Hvilsager-Lime和Aarhus禮拜堂的牧者。1935-1936年,他在林肯學神院進修,並受到Michael Ramsey的影響。二戰期間,他積極參與反納粹的抵抗活動。1944年以Spiritus Creator為題之論文,獲得神學博士學位,1945-1972年於Aarhus大學神學系執教。 1950… 詳閱


When a conservative Christian denomination sets up a conference about homosexuality, you know that there are going to be fireworks. Albert Mohler, a speaker at the Southern Baptist Convention’s ‘The Gospel, Homosexuality and the future of Marriage’ conference. This week the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission hoste… 詳閱


The Turkish education system’s mandatory religion classes are not fair to students who do not follow the country’s majority Sunni Islam and it must amend its policies, according to a recent verdict of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), reports World Watch Monitor. As Turkey is a signatory o… 詳閱


One Tulsa church is offering up frosty beers this Sunday to those who would like to worship the old fashioned way through hymns. East Side Christian Church posted on its marquee out front that it is offering Beer and Hymns Sunday night as part of a weekend-long discussion about th… 詳閱


THE Archbishop of York has apologised to a York man for ‘abuse and hurt’ caused by an Anglican priest, The Press can reveal. Dr John Sentamu also revealed that poor management by the York diocese of abuse allegations in 1990 against the priest, the late Reverend Dennis Franks, could hav… 詳閱


陳韋安洪麗芳 寫給你心中尚未崩壞的地方