Pastor Paul Mok

一個嚴重弱視的牧者,與太太開荒教會,全家服事恩主。 靠 Voice Over 用電腦。 醉心於古典音樂,尤好 Sir Georg Solti & Chicago Symphony Orchestra 之演出。 愛彈琴、愛寫歌,愛高達。 確信上帝憐憫人,深信在神凡事都能!

保羅隨想曲 — 8964 1/4 世紀 8964 1/4 Century


二十五年前,一響槍聲, 撕破了國家的人皮面具。 一樣的晨曦,紅太陽竟又東升,染紅了廣場的是朝輝,還是未來國家棟樑的鮮血?

二十五年前,無情冷酷的子彈,貫穿了母親們的心臟。 令她們活在無邊的痛苦中,直到今天,直到明天。


二十五年前,同學們在校園禮堂集會。 臂纏黑沙,高喊口號,淚盈於睫,自由民主的歌聲,震撼著每顆青春的心靈。 課室外牆上,高掛著血債血償的橫額,至今仍然清晰可見。

二十五年前,我還是年輕, 被無辜者之血澆醒了對這國家的夢。 夢醒至今,內心深處依然躺淚、依然滴血,依然徹骨。

二十五年後的今天,你是否依然聽見那夜殘暴的槍聲? 你是否依然臭到那夜刺鼻的血腥? 你是否依然看見那夜絕望的身影? 來吧! 向有眼的上天呼喊吧!
無辜者必得尋冤。 行兇者必遭報應,

25 years ago, the sound of the guns tore the mask of the nation. In the morning, the sun rose up again. The Square was red because of the sun rays or the blood of the future pillars of the nation?

25 years ago, the cruel bullets destroyed the hearts of the mothers, making them suffer till today, till tomorrow.

25 years ago, the tanks, which were the pride of the nation, smashed the flesh of the fathers, making them painful till today, till tomorrow.

25 years ago, students gathered at the school hall, with black ribbons at their arms, shouting battle cries and spreading tears. The songs of freedom and democracy were echoing in their young souls. There were banners hanging outside the classrooms, stating the cry of “Bloody for Bloody”, which still could be seen clearly today.

25 years ago, I was still young. I was woken from the dream of the nation by the blood of the innocents. By now, my heart is still bleeding, still tearing, still painful.

After 25 years, do you still hear the sound of the cruel guns at that night? Do you still smell the odor of the blood at that night? Do you still see the desperate bodies at that night?
Come! Cry to God who has eyes! The innocents will be revenged and the murderers will be punished.


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